VERA™ was the first computerized vision screening program introduced to schools.  Since its release, users have reported identification of more students with common vision deficits, more appropriate referrals to eye doctors and better reporting of results to parents and school administration. With the addition of the first screening for visual efficiency, VERA™ made it possible for schools to identify which students were underachieving because of more subtle vision difficulties and to reduce the need for special educational services when alternative support was provided.

With VERA 4.0, any educator, occupational therapist, school nurse, pediatrician or eye doctor can screen for visual efficiency. Research has confirmed VERA's unique ability to identify the majority of learning and performance-related difficulties which are based in eye tracking, focusing and binocular vision control. Whether abnormal visual efficiency is a product of learning-related stress, mild brain injury, post-traumatic stress or a contributor to ADHD or Dyslexia, VERA™ identifies those most likely to benefit from modifications to instruction, specialized vision care and/or complementary occupational therapy.

When you download the VERA 4.0, you’ll have free and unlimited use of VERA’s routine screening and reports of screening results and an opportunity to explore the first proven screening for visual efficiency.    You may never have to purchase routine vision screening equipment again!

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